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Make Money Online in Recession

November 19, 2018 Comments Off on Make Money Online in Recession

If this was not true, there would be no need for website businesses. They would not exist.

To make money online requires some effort. If you don’t know it by now – it is one of the possible reasons you are still not making any.

You can build your income on internet. There are few reputable offers online. Till you find out which one is honouring its promises you will be short of many hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I was lucky the second time. The site I will mention to you is worth it. I’m not selling you anything. This is free information I want to share with you.

Why? One of the rewards is that I get is a higher number of visitors to my site. In return you will make money online. Also, if you make a good choice at the beginning it will eliminate you paying businesses which might do not deserve it.

I do not like dishonesty. By guiding you to a genuine source you will avoid losing your money to the wrong crowd.

I will tell you an example of something that happened last week to a friend of mine. It maybe sounds very familiar… So let’s see…

On top of every day’s difficulties has currently all the ‘crap’ a person can encounter. Downturn in business, divorce in progress…, you name it.
Needless to say money is a problem and credit cards are at the limits… (Bank is laughing).

Once you have a problem it seems it loves to attract more of it.

OK, here we go.

He was about to make a payment with his credit card when he noticed there was an internet charge for US $ 400!

A year ago he had subscribed to a course for US$ 800 about internet marketing and paid a fee with his credit card.

As he was not able to get a good support – actually no support at all, (either not available; or; due to time zone difference very inconvenient), he decided he would not renew the following year.

$ 800 was non refundable. So he accepted he had lost that money (sounds familiar?). So much about making money online.

To his amazement they charged his card without his approval or request – a renewal fee for the following year. When he complained to them (phone call from Australia to USA) he was told there was a $ 200 cancellation fee anyway, if he decided to cancel.

Now remember, there was no cancellation required. He did not subscribe to continue the course the following year.

This is one of the many examples you can keep investing your money over and over again.
Instead of making money online you make sure others will get yours.

Now is it an honest way of doing business?

Many businesses are desperate in today’s economy. You don’t want this to happen to you.
There is nothing worse than someone taking your money when you are in greatest need.
(By the way he lodged in a claim with his bank to reverse this payment)

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